An exciting new format

Create a team and enter your local league
Unleash your team in the weekly games
Manage your team with the new Softball60 app

Benefits of the game

Investing in your staff outside of the workplace

MLB Softball60 is co-ed and creates social and networking opportunities outside the workplace. It's also a great way to give junior staff a way to develop team management skills.

£1,000 worth of MLB apparel & equipment for your squad

Teams will receive incredible official MLB franchise kit plus all the softball equipment needed to play ball.


  • 10 Official MLB on-field jerseys
  • 10 Official MLB team caps


  • 10 fielder mitts
  • 6 training balls
  • 2 bats
  • 1 full set of bases

The all-new MLB Softball60 app

The MLB Softball60 app is the heart of your league experience. Whether you are organising your team, looking for tips and advice, playing a match or checking the league standings, the MLB Softball60 app has exactly what you need.

Exclusive MLB Softball60 Offers

Gain access to unique prizes and discounted official merchandise.


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