Game rules

1. Maximum of 7 players per team on the field at one time, but you can have a squad of 10 players on match day that can be rotated between innings

2. If a team is unable to field at least 5 players, then a 10-0 win is awarded to the other team. A friendly game can still be played but not using the MLB Softball60 app. If this occurs please email with your result.

3. The game is made up of 2 innings per team, with each team batting and fielding twice

4. The innings is complete once each batter has batted twice. An individuals batting turn can constitute any one of the following:

a. An out (strike out, catch or run out)
b. On base
c. Home run

5. If a player is out on their first batting attempt they are still able to have their second bat when their next turn comes

6. There will be a mid-game break, which is the perfect opportunity to network and meet the other team! Don’t forget - emphasis on fun and networking (although it’s always great to win!)

7. The captains are responsible for ensuring the game runs smoothly, and will act as the umpires


1. Scoring comes from running round the bases (3 bases plus home plate)

a. 2 points are awarded for a Home Run (player runs round all bases in one attempt)
b. 1 point is awarded every time a player rounds all the bases and gets back to home plate (not in one attempt)

2. To put it simply - the team with the most runs at the end of the game wins

3. Teams are awarded 3 points for a win and 0 for a loss.

4. In the case of a tie after 2 innings per team the below playoff should occur to decide the game winner:

a. Each side will choose 3 batters and there should be 3 plays per team, the best runs total of these 3 plays per team will decide who wins the game (these runs are not to be marked on the MLB Softball60 app)
b. If the above still does not produce a winner, the 3 batter playoff should be continually repeated until there is a winner
c. The winning team after the playoff will receive 1 point that will be manually added to the team score


Every team will receive everything they need to play MLB Softball60, including…

  • Bats
  • Gloves
  • Balls
  • Bases
  • Pitching base
  • Base set up guide image
  • Kit bag


1. The pitch must be delivered under arm (no windmill technique). The pitcher must have at least one foot on the pitcher’s plate

2. Acceptable pitching area is from the shoulder to the knee of the batter and directly over home plate. This area is known as the strike zone.

3. A pitch delivered in the strike zone and not hit by the batter is called a ‘strike’

4. A pitch delivered outside the strike zone and not hit by the batter is called a ‘ball’

5. To get as many people involved as possible, each pitcher can only pitch for a maximum of 1 full innings (therefore a minimum of 2 must be used across the whole game)


1. The visiting team bats first

2. Batters must follow the same batting order throughout each innings and can only be changed between each innings. This is submitted by the MLB Softball60 app before the game starts

3. The batter must hit the ball between 1st and 3rd base. Any ball that is hit outside of these bases is a foul ball (batter and runners cannot run)

4. A foul ball counts as a strike

5. The batter is out when:

a. 3 strikes have been called
b. They are caught out
c. They are run out

6. The batter can be caught out on a foul ball

7. There are no maximum outs per innings. Innings are based on each batter batting twice, not how many batters are out

8. If a batter receives three balls, the batter walks to 1st base

Base Running

1. Runners must touch each base in order

2. Runners cannot pass/overtake other runners (1 on each base)

3. If a runner goes past halfway between 2 bases, they must continue to the next base (even if this leads to them running out another team member, or getting run out themselves)

4. Runners cannot run unless the batter hits the ball and it is not a foul

5. If a batsman receives 3 balls and first base is occupied, the batsman must walk to the next base

6. A runner is out when:

a. The ball gets to a fielder at the base they are running to before they reach it (run out)

7. If the ball is caught, then runners must go back to the base they were on

8. A batter must not slide to reach a base


1. Compulsory positions are pitcher and catcher. All other fielders can be positioned as the team chooses.

2. We’d suggest each base has a fielder on it for the best chance of running out the batting side. For big hitters you will likely want fielders further back!

3. Fielder must have a foot on base to run a batter out

4. There is no tagging in MLB Softball60 (you cannot tag someone with a ball mid-base)


1. The app is used by an individual within each team throughout game-play to guide their team through the game of 4 innings.

2. All Runs, Home Runs and Outs should be recorded during the batting innings. This will update the score and individual player stats.

3. All Strike Outs, Catch Outs and Run Outs should be recorded during the fielding innings. This will update individual player stats.

4. At the end of the 4 innings, prior to results submission, you have the opportunity to manually amend the final score. If you wish to make an amends to the final score, this must be agreed between the team captains.